Chicken “Noodle” Soup


Little man told us on Sunday that he liked Chicken Noodle Soup!  I tucked that away in the back of my mind to plan to have some when the weather cools down but little did I know that Chicken “Noodle” soup would be served only one day later.

I have a very dear friend at work that is super sweet and we help each other out and just are a support for each other.  She has been so excited for us on this journey of foster care.  I have also met her mother several times and she volunteered to help me with an event last fall, she like her daughter is just so kind and genuine.

Fast forward to yesterday, she (mom) knocked on my office door and I was excited to see her it had been several months.  She had purchased a couple of games for our little guy but she also had a large cooler in her hand…she had 4 quarts of soup and 2 quarts of spaghetti sauce.  She wanted to give us some quick easy meals for those crazy insane days so we had something easy to prepare.  She wanted to be a blessing to us.  She wanted to support us in a way she was able.

I share this because she had NO idea that little man had just told us the day before that he loved Chicken “Noodle” Soup and neither of us had any idea that when Ryan picked him up from school that he had a fever and just wanted to lay around.  But…God knew exactly what we could use, God used this sweet lady to be a blessing to us in a most unusual way…chicken noodle soup.  Little man loved the soup for dinner and we have several more quarts for future enjoyment.

This was a HUGE reminder to me, that I can be a blessing to so many people…so often I don’t think I have enough to give, so often I am embarrassed because what I can give might not be “good enough”, but I just need to be a blessing no matter what, I need to find ways (no matter how simple) to help others.  We never know what God is going to teach us through this journey and I need to be willing to learn and grown more than just in helping little man but also in every day life.





So many blessings we have experienced over the last weeks since we have started the process to grow our family through adoption.  Words can’t even begin to express how overwhelmed with the kindness of friends, family and complete strangers; we are so blessed.

This past Saturday (5.20.17) our development was having a community wide yard sale. We found out about it on Sunday but decided to participate to help us raise some money to cover some of the expenses we have incurred/will incur as we bring a child(ren) into our home.  It was such a HUGE blessing for us, the people were so kind, generous and we were blessed to hear many stories of families that have been through the process we are going through, it was just so amazing!!!

Last week someone gave us money to buy a crib so we purchased that online and it arrived at our door on Thursday, what a surreal moment!   We got the type of crib that also converts into a toddler bed so it has dual use since we don’t know what age child we will be blessed with.  We also have friends that are giving us a crib mattress and changing table and other have asked how they can help so we set up a GoFund Me account and it is just a huge blessing when those notifications come through that someone has donated to help us bring a child(ren) into our home.

We are nothing special but those that are helping us along this journey are special to us and we can’t wait to share with our child(ren) in the future those that have blessed us along this journey.

Waiting Expectantly,