Think how many choices you have already made today, think how many times you have weighed out the pros and cons related to the choice you were going to make, think how fast you made that choice.

Now think how “marred” your choices would be if in your (short) life all your normal had been turned upside, think how the choices of others had affected you so “negatively” and brought trauma and so much unknown into your life.  How different of choices would you make? or would you really care about the choices that you make?  or that the choices that you do make affect those that are caring for you in a negative, not so nice way?

There is so much unknown when we deal with a situation that is presented to us now as we care for our little man.  We try to think of why he made the “choice” he made when he makes a bad choice, we try to think of what his mind might be thinking when he made that decision, what he thinks the results of that choice might be, and does he realize his choices affect more than himself?

I told Ryan today that I feel we are learning more about parenting than we probably would have learned if we had been blessed with biological children, because we have had to approach parenting in a way that neither of us had experienced or the way we thought we would parent.  But thankfully we have each other to talk things through with and made decisions together when at all possible to see how we can make a positive impact and help our little guy work through different things he is dealing with that he may never tell us.

One day at a time! (or like this morning, oh second at a time)