Remember in the Hot Potato post when I mentioned that after I got little man to give up the games in bed, he wanted to sing…well it just wasn’t as simple as singing one song.

I told him we could sing one song (he LOVES to sing) he reaches for my hands and holds them and picks Jesus Loves Me.  But wait…let me go back and explain a little.  On Thursday just him and I were in the car for a long period of time so I started singing “Sunday School” songs, he seemed to really like them and would start asking for them by name or give me a couple of words of the song and I would know which one he was wanting.  We sang and sang and sang, but his favorite by far was Jesus Loves Me.  So back to Thursday night…he reached for my hand and holds it and I told him he could pick which song, he picked “Jesus Loves Me”.  We sing it (he tried to sing as many words as he knew), we finished that song and he says “just one more?” well I totally gave in to that cute face and beautiful brown eyes and I said okay, he picked “ABC”.  After that one was finished I got up to leave and he wouldn’t let go of my hand and he says “can we sing Jesus Loves Me again?”, weak Momma caved, how could I resist?

This boy of ours has completely changed our home for the better!  He is growing us in ways we had no idea, but it is so good!  I am thankful to be his Momma if only for a short period of time or forever we will never forget the impact he has had on our lives so quickly!




So tonite at 4 p.m. we will become parents for the first time!!!!  That is hard say, let alone write.  Excited, nervous, anxious, excited, unknown, excited (oh wait, did I say that already)…yes there are many words to describe the feelings we have right now but one thing we do know for sure is that we are so BLESSED!

Last Thursday we received a phone call with our first referral…less than one week after we were approved.  Ryan and I talked about the situation and said “YES”.  So after many phone calls, emails and even more interviews and making final preparations for our home study we will meet our son tonite.

We heard many times during our pre-service training that this process is an emotional roller coaster and we have already experienced that for sure.  But each day (and many times throughout the days) we just prayed for God’s will, we prayed for peace and wisdom to know how to proceed and God answers those prayers in a big way.

When we were called with the referral late Thursday afternoon we were told we might need to go pick him up that night…we were ready!  Then several hours later we were told no, but they would be in contact tomorrow with more information and details…so we didn’t know if that meant we would be picking him up or what the situation might be. Friday came and we were told that they decided to review several other families profiles and they would make a decision…okay, we would wait (we knew all along that if he was to come to our home God would work it out).  Friday afternoon we were told that the county wanted to meet Ryan and I in person and interview us…sure!  Monday we found out that the interview would be Tuesday at 1:30…we weren’t sure what this would be like.  Tuesday we drive out of the county into new territory and we for the first time are in a Children and Youth Center to meet a caseworker and as we sat there and waited I was just reminded how absolutely blessed I am!!!!

After an hour and a half interview (which wasn’t scary at all) and finding out more about this little guy that needed a home we took some time and talked to the representative from our agency and we said YES again to this little boy.  Yes to the unknown, Yes to being parents to an adorable blond hair little guy, Yes to loving this boy with all of our hearts no matter how long he is in our home.

So last night on the way home we stopped at Walmart and grabbed a couple of things that we thought he would need and Ryan had fun trying to find the things that we needed in superhero themes (who ever knew that they made superman toothbrushes?).

We know that our lives will be forever and completely changed with a child in our home and last night we talked about how different things will be from now on, but we have definitely learned this whole process isn’t about us but about these children who need love, care and attention and if we can help them and minister to them (ever if just for a short time) than that is what we will do.

Pray for us!