A Good Tired


We had our son for 28 hours when we laid down in bed and looked at each other and realized we were both so exhausted.  A good tired, but nonetheless tired…

We get up super early each weekday morning, (like 3:50 a.m.) so Ryan can go to work, so typically when he got off work (before this Wednesday) we would eat dinner together and relax, we kept our weeknights free from commitments as much as we could because getting others to understand that young adults (us) needed to be in bed sooner rather than later because of the early rise time got tiring to explain.

Welcome to night one…church night, getting a high-energy toddler to bed and to stay in bed in a brand new house, with brand new strangers was interesting.  We did it though and thankfully he slept until 7:00 a.m. the next morning.

Night two…not as easy and I share this story for all your other moms and dads because I am sure you will be able to relate.  Ryan put our little guy to bed, and we went to bed (and the “baby” monitor was on), Ryan fell asleep and I laid there for about an hour as was just about to doze off when all the sudden very loudly on the monitor I hear the “Hot Potato game” song going off…I literally started laughing!  I grabbed my glasses just as quickly as I could…as I was running out the bedroom door I hear Ryan “is that music?” I just about died…

I flew up the steps and go into our little boy’s room and he is laying there with the overhead light on, two night lights on and the closet light and he smiles up at me so big…and I see him tucking the still “singing” Hot Potato under his blanket…I said “hey buddy what’s going on?”  He said “how did you know I was awake, did your hear this?” as he pulls the potato out from under his cover.  One of those moments when it takes everything in you not to bust out laughing.  I gently went over to the head of his bed and he hands me the toy…I then also got a quick glimpse of something that I knew didn’t belong in his bed…yup…he had the entire deck of cards for Dutch Blitz as well as Old Maid!  He was set for a fun night of games (he had gone over to the play room and stocked up!!!  I told him we could look at the cards tomorrow…and here is the heartbreaking part, he said “will I be here tomorrow?” oh my word, I just wanted to cry. I said “yes, Buddy you will be here tomorrow”.

We sang a couple of songs (that whole story will be for another post, because he completely melted my heart) and I kissed him and told him I loved him and goodnight and I went back down to bed and didn’t hear another peep from him!

Oh the adventures we are having, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, especially when he calls me “Mommy” or asks where “Dad” is…just priceless and so so blessed to be his parents right now.



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